The Daily Caller Presents The Alphabet of Racism: THE LETTER ‘B’

If you’ve been thinking lately that pretty much everything has been deemed racist these days, you are absolutely right. The word has been bandied about so much that it is rapidly losing any real meaning.

Here are 9 things beginning with the letter ‘B’ that somebody, somewhere has deemed racist.

The Benghazi select committee is racist, according to South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn. It’s “the same kind of thing that led to the end of Reconstruction,” he told NewsOne Now host Roland Martin in May. “I seem to remember our history, when after Reconstruction, when people of color gained political presence throughout the south, they drummed up all kinds of things and indictments and accusations,” he explained.”They drove these people out of the South. And I see the same kind of efforts to discredit this president.”

In March, obscure leftist website published a whiny rant denouncing belly dancers who aren’t Arab as racist. “These women are more interested in their investment in belly dancing than in questioning and examining how their appropriation of the art causes others harm,” Randa Jarrar wrote. “To them, I can only say, I’m sure there are people who have been unwittingly racist for 15 years. It’s not too late. Find another form of self-expression.”

Beards are a symbol of white supremacy, according to a groundbreaking essay published in January by The Atlantic. ”What follows is the lost story of American facial hair,” it reads. “Like countless other histories, it is rife with contradictions.” Basically, white Americans derided barbering at the time of the Revolution, but then black entrepreneurs turned facial hair into a source of wealth and prestige. Then the beard came along, which is “a fashion born out of desperation but transformed into a symbol of masculine authority and white supremacy.”


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