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Quick Pix: Chuck Norris at 83 w/Video

I may be 83, but I still feel 38. God Bless, Chuck Norris

Beat the border crisis at the ballot box!

Chuck Norris on Dems: Voters need to ’roundhouse kick them out the door!’

Most Americans don’t know the truth. The government keeps it from them. The crisis at the U.S. southern border couldn’t be any worse. The statistics are in, and you’re going to be shocked and sickened. Sitting down?

The Department of Homeland Security released numbers two Fridays back hoping no one would notice, but many of us patriots did.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) tried to cloak the real border evidence behind the benign title, “CBP Releases September 2022 Monthly Operational Update.” But look what the contents revealed!

  • The number of illegal aliens encountered nationwide in September 2022 alone was 182,704, a 15% increase over the prior month. Fiscal year 2022 (FY 22) migrant encounters totaled so far: 2,378,944, the highest year ever recorded, including 6,000 got-aways.
  • There have also been 98 arrests of people on the FBI’s Terror Watchlist in FY 22, which quadrupled the 26 arrests in five previous years combined (FY 17-21).


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Karl Marx would be proud of U.S. progress

Chuck Norris compares the ’10 planks’ to the Democrats’ agenda

We’ve come a long way since Sept. 19, 1955, when Soviet communist leader Nikita Khrushchev exploded with anger after he discovered he was barred from visiting Disneyland.

Back then, during the Cold War, most Americans were radically opposed to the tenets of communism. Today, most Americans are confused about what communism is, and they are actually being shoved down the slippery slope of socialism without even knowing it. Let me explain.

According to Britannica Encyclopedia, socialism is a societal system in which property, natural resources and the means of production are owned and controlled by the state rather than by individuals or private companies. A basic belief of socialism is that society as a whole should share in all goods produced, as everyone lives in cooperation with one another.

Britannica says socialism is “in opposition to capitalism, which is based on private ownership of the means of production and allows individual choices in a free market to determine how goods and services are distributed.”


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Time to gather your ‘Roundhouse Provisions’

Chuck Norris asks, ‘Do you have the right personal survival items?’

I’m definitely not an alarmist or fear monger, and I dislike those who are. Succumbing to fear literally robs us of life and paralyzes us from achieving our best.

At the same time, I don’t believe in sticking our heads in the sands of ignorance or denial. I believe in having a plan, a back-up plan and preparing for the future in case of emergency. That includes preparing even for events we pray will never happen, like nuclear or civil war.

The world is a very volatile place, and even life in America is escalating more and more to a frantic peak. Let me give you some bad news before some good news. Consider just these few international and national news facts and headlines:

  • The Ukrainian war is pushing us toward another Cold and World War.
  • The CIA chief says threat that Russia could use nuclear weapons is something U.S. cannot “take lightly.”
  • China seeks world dominance, and sits on the cusp itself of invading Taiwan.


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Anyone else still grateful for Christopher Columbus?

Chuck Norris says if faults were a reason to ‘cancel,’ he’d have to toss his championships

Aug. 3 marks an important date in the history of the Americas. It is the date, 529 years ago, when Christopher Columbus set sail for a new world. I’m mentioning it here because if Columbus made any contributions, they all are being swiftly wiped and whitewashed from U.S. culture, classrooms and textbooks.

As most know, the cancel culture movement has been on warpath these past few years by toppling statues of those who don’t match our progressive politically-correct society, and it is still marching on. Case in point: Christopher Columbus.

Here are a few recent headlines:


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Movie of the Week: Chuck Norris vs. Communism (2015)

In 1980s Romania, thousands of Western films smashed through the Iron Curtain opening a window into the free world for those who dared to look. A black market VHS racketeer and a courageous female translator brought the magic of film to the masses and sowed the seeds of a revolution.

Click here to watch Chuck Norris vs. Communism.

Complete Classic Movie: Top Dog (1995)

Maverick cop Jake Wilder (Chuck Norris) is convinced his career has gone to the dogs when he meets his new partner- a mischievous, high-I.Q. canine named Reno. But when a brutal white supremacist plot is uncovered, Jake and Reno join forces to become a two-fisted, four-pawed crime fighting machine in this explosive action thriller.

Chuck Norris sues 11 drug companies for ‘poisoning’ wife

Action star claims dye used in MRI ‘left her close to death’

Action star Chuck Norris usually resolves problems with a roundhouse kick, but this time he’s taking a different approach – he’s going to court.

Norris filed suit against 11 drug companies Wednesday in San Francisco for “poisoning” his wife Gena with a dye containing the heavy metal gadolinium used with MRI scans in a procedure that “left her close to death with lifelong pain and weakness.” The dye makes the organs easier to see on the scans, improving diagnosis.

Following three MRI scans in one week five years ago to assess her rheumatoid arthritis, Gena began to feel like she was dying. And her husband could see it, too.

“I just heard that still small voice deep inside of me that said, ‘Gena your body is dying.’ And I walked out of the bathroom and he just took one look at me and he knew; ‘I’m about to lose my wife,’” Gena said in an interview on “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson.”

Chuck Norris continued: “Well I saw death in her eyes. I saw her dying and I said you know I’ve got to do something.”


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Complete Classic Movie: Good Guys Wear Black (1978)

Stars: Chuck Norris. An ex-US Army commando must find the reason why his comrades from his unit are being systematically murdered before he is next.

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Obama vs. George Washington’s Farewell Address

Chuck Norris shares ’20 unheeded warnings’ by America’s 1st president.

My, how 220 years can change the world.

This Tuesday, Jan. 10, President Obama will deliver his farewell speech from his hometown in Chicago. It promises to rally the left and mainstream media in ways that will bring tears to Michael Moore and George Soros.

The White House has given a single clue into what Obama will be sharing.

On the White House website page, “My Farewell Address,” Obama (or his main speech writer) wrote, “I’m just beginning to write my remarks. But I’m thinking about them as a chance to say thank you for this amazing journey, to celebrate the ways you’ve changed this country for the better these past eight years, and to offer some thoughts on where we all go from here.”

A few interesting remarks here.

First, “The ways you’ve changed this country”? “You’ve”? I think he meant, “The ways I’ve changed this country.”

No doubt, we can credit eight years of Obama’s presidency for leaning our country more left, making it more socialistic, driving us $10 trillion deeper into national debt, further restricting our First Amendment and Second Amendment rights, obliterating the 10th Amendment power of individual states by massive overreach of the federal government, radically increasing entitlements and abortion funding through Obamacare, food stamps and other executive orders, making a mess out of U.S. international affairs and relations, and enabling the growth and encroachment of ISIS and its sympathizers at our borders and within all 50 states of the union, according to the FBI.


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