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Illegal Immigrants ATTACK TX National Guard STORMING US Border w/Harrison Smith (Video)

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O’Keefe Assaulted by Eagles Point Security, Child Identities Kept Secret in Converted Ramada Hotel. (Video)

“SPRAY ALL OF THEM”: James O’Keefe physically assaulted by Eagles Point security, guarding the secret Ramada Hotel at 631 Camino. O’Keefe’s team posed as pest control and gained access to a white board showing all the organizations and names involved in the operation, including Catholic Charities and University of California San Diego.

NYPD ATTACKED AGAIN By Illegal Immigrants, New Bill Would Allow NONCITIZENS To Join Military (Video)


Migrants accused of beating NYPD cops arrested after being freed without bail (Video)

Former director of NY ICE removals Tom Feely joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss the incident and how the state and city’s leadership has enabled the crime surge.

‘This Is What’s Happening’: Malliotakis Lists Migrant Crimes In NYC After NYPD Officers Beaten (Video)

At a House Republican roundtable on Wednesday, Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) called out crimes committed by migrants in NYC and expressed concerns about terrorism due to President Biden’s border policies.

RIOTS Erupt In Europe After White Children ATTACKED, White Europeans SNAP Over Immigration FAILURE (Video)


“They’re BARBARIC” How Gangs With ‘Zombie Knives’ Are Making Britain’s Streets Bloodier Than Ever (Video)

How did the UK become ravaged by knife crime on our streets? Police have been granted new powers to crack down on zombie knives and machetes but is that too little, too late? According to the Office Of National Statistics the amount of people killed by a knife in England Wales between 2021-2022 was the highest on record for 76 years and even more pressingly, eight people were stabbed on the final day of Notting Hill Carnival this year by men wielding machetes.

Everything About This Is Awful (Video)

This one decided to stab a teenager to get deported back to Iraq because we didn’t give him enough money. This is not someone who has fled his home for fear of persecution, he is a pirate.

Four Hospitalised After Mass Stabbing at Migrant Hotel in Ireland

Four males are said to have been hospitalised after a mass stabbing event at a migrant hotel in Ireland.

Four males have been brought to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries in Ireland after a mass stabbing event at one of the country’s many migrant hotels.

Led by an extremely globalist coalition of political parties, the European Union member-state has pursued a radical policy of open borders since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine earlier this year, with around 65,000 would-be refugees and asylum seekers supposedly from Ukraine and beyond arriving in the country this year.

Such a massive influx into a nation of only around five million people has put great strain on resources, with the government rapidly running out of places to house many of the new arrivals, often resorting to contracting out hotels and even using disused office blocks to lodge migrants.


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‘Knockout game’ attackers punch retired NYPD officer in head: ‘Anyone can be a victim at any time’ (Video)

Harvey Kraft describes brazen attack in broad daylight on ‘Fox & Friends First’

A retired New York City police officer demanded action from politicians over the crime surge, as he recounted the harrowing, suspected “knockout challenge” attack he endured in broad daylight. 

Retired NYPD officer Harvey Kraft joined “Fox & Friends First” Thursday to discuss the attack and what the city’s leaders need to do to combat the surging violence. 

Kraft was attacked in broad daylight earlier this week when he was punched in the side of the head while walking down a Brooklyn street. 

Kraft said he felt a “thunderous shot,” but when the strike didn’t knock him down, he chased the suspects shortly before they began running in “different directions.”


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