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The Beautiful Humanity on Death Row by Ann Coulter

More cost-free grandstanding

The New York Times is weeping over the death penalty again, publishing a glowing review of Nashville reporter Steven Hale’s book “Death Row Welcomes You.”  FYI, this was not on the cover of my book review — but we may get a different version here. Obviously, it’s an important book, since only 1 million journalists have already written about their touching and personal relationships with men sentenced to death.

     Although I am generally a hate-reader — having, for example, at least skimmed nearly every book about Trump (he’s a Russian asset, a threat to democracy, a conman and sociopath) — I can’t in good conscience contribute to an author who waxes on about his “friends” on death row, their “beautiful paintings,” and how supporters want to “celebrate” the life of men who just happened to mercilessly torture and kill helpless human beings.

     So this will be a review of the Times’ review, with supplementary information from Amazon’s book sample, plus news reports and court records about the crimes that put Hale’s friends on death row.


Complete text linked here.

Anarcho-Tyranny: When the innocent are punished, and the guilty go free (Video)

Recent sentencing guidelines order judges to go easier on people with criminal traits. Why?

VIRAL Illegal Immigrant ARRESTED, Advocated For Illegal Immigrants To INVADE US Homes (Video)


Victor Davis Hanson: California is going after ‘innocent people’ (Video)

Hoover Institution senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson joins ‘The Ingraham Angle’ to discuss California’s handling of its crime crisis.

NEW YORK SH*TTY: White People Not Allowed to Defend Themselves! (Video)

Dem. Ohio Representative Ismail Mohamed won his primary on Tuesday. His victory speech was EXCLUSIVELY in Somali. Yesterday, a judge ruled that Daniel Penny will stand trial in October for the choking death of Jordan Neely. While Penny will stand trial for being a good samaritan, the rest of NY isn’t faring much better. We also discuss Biden’s CHIPS Act that he bragged about.

Biden’s Border Bloodbath (Video)

Donald J. Trump

My Life As a Mafia Boss – Michael Franzese (Video)

Michael Franzese is an American former mobster who was a caporegime in the Colombo crime family, and son of former underboss Sonny Franzese. At age 35, he was ranked as number 18 on Fortune Magazine’s list of the 50 most powerful Mafia bosses in America, the youngest on the list. Then Michael did the unthinkable – he quit the mob. Today, Michael is a Christian and speaks around the globe, explaining how he survived dozens of grand jury appearances, seven years in prison and a Mafia death sentence.

Canada Has JUST Fallen | Warning to America (Video)


THE PURGE IS BEGINNING, Police In Pittsburgh To STOP RESPONDING, Less Than 20 Cops From 3am To 7AM (Video)


Former Prison Guard Explains Why California Prisons Are Becoming Unsafe | Hector Bravo (Video)

“It is like working at a zoo and they’ve opened up every single cage: to the bears, to the lions, to the panthers, to the giraffes, to the elephants. And you got the correctional officers like: “Oh my god, what had they done here?”