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They started it! The myth that Germany bombed this country first during the Second World War (Video)

There is a very strange and mistaken idea that it was that it was the Germans who began bombing British cities in 1940 and that this country then retaliated. In fact, Britain attacked Germany by air long before the Blitz.

Douglas Macgregor: “Europeans need to take control of their own destiny” (Video)

Paul Buitink talks to former U.S. army colonel Douglas Macgregor about the war in Ukraine and how Washington should intervene to come to a negotiated settlement before Ukraine is completely destroyed.

Col. Douglas Macgregor: Is WWIII Here? (Video)

Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom

Douglas Murray: What is Happening in Sweden Should SCARE Us All… (I TRIED TO WARN YOU) – Video

Modern Wisdom

Integration has FAILED! If You Want Shariah Law, Leave Britain! (Video)

NCF Director Peter Whittle took part in a fiery debate following the release of new polling data commissioned by the Henry Jackson Society which showed the huge gulf between many British Muslims and the rest of British society on a huge range of issues.

Has Rishi Sunak deliberately wrecked the Conservative party and made it unelectable? (Video)

It sounds like a conspiracy theory, but Britain’s Conservative Party is now so left-wing that few traditional Tories support it any longer

The castration of white Europeans and the export of eunuchs to Africa

For centuries, there was a flourishing business of castrating young men and boys in Europe and then selling them as slaves to the Muslim world.

Mention of eunuchs summons up for most of us images of those guarding the harems of Arab potentates. We are also aware that slaves on plantations in ante bellum America were on occasion castrated for some transgression or other. Whatever other horrors the Atlantic slave trade entailed though, routine castration was never one of them. It is true that black slaves in America and the Caribbean were, from time to time, castrated, but this was never a common occurrence and was usually inflicted due to exceptional circumstances, such as an accusation of rape. With the act of castration so likely to result in death, it would have made no sense to hazard the lives of slaves in this way too frequently. In Europe, by contrast, the castration of white slaves was carried out on an industrial scale (Tracy, 2013). In Venice and the French city of Verdun ‘castration houses’ were set up to produce eunuchs for export to Egypt and other Muslim countries in North Africa and the Middle East. The majority of the young boys were Slavs taken prisoner by the Vikings and then sold on to slavers. The Slavs, from whose name is derived the modern word ‘slave’, are an ethnic group which originated in what is today western Russia. By the sixth or seventh century AD, they had spread south into the Balkans, almost as far as Greece, and west into what is now Poland.


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Douglas Macgregor Exposes: The Startling Truth Behind Ukraine’s Strike & Russia’s Shadow War (Video)

Join us as Douglas Macgregor, a revered military strategist and former senior advisor, takes us deep into the heart of the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. In this exclusive analysis, Macgregor unveils the strategic maneuvers and countermeasures that have marked recent developments on the battlefield. From Ukraine’s audacious aerial strikes to Russia’s clandestine counteroffensive, uncover the tactical genius and the high stakes involved in this geopolitical chess game. With his unparalleled insight, Macgregor not only deciphers the immediate impacts but also forecasts the long-term ramifications for regional stability and global power dynamics.

Putin kicks immigrants out of Russia! (Video)

The mainstream press won’t tell you what’s going on in Russia right now, because it might give the far right some err ‘unpalatable’ ideas!

Mark Sleboda: Putin just Dropped BOMBSHELL Warning to Israel as Iran Prepares for War (Video)

Geopolitical Analyst Mark Sleboda discusses Russia’s condemnation of Israel’s latest strike against Iranian forces, and Iran’s possible reaction to the bombing of an Iranian consulate that left several top generals dead. What comes next may surprise you.