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Kids as young as 14 were found working at a Tennessee factory that makes lawn mower parts

The Labor Department did not specify what work the children were doing. But Labor official Juan Coria said what his investigative team found in Tuff Torq’s “very busy” Morristown manufacturing plant was “astonishing.”

Tennessee firm that makes parts for lawn mowers sold by John Deere and other companies, according to Labor Department officials.

The company, Tuff Torq, was fined nearly $300,000 for hiring 10 children. As part of a consent agreement with the federal government, the company is also required to set aside $1.5 million to help the children who were illegally employed. Ryan Pott, general counsel for Tuff Torq’s majority owner, the Japanese firm Yanmar, acknowledged the violations to NBC News.

“The department will not tolerate companies profiting on the backs of children employed unlawfully in dangerous occupations,” said Seema Nanda, the department’s chief legal officer, whose office obtained the consent judgment against Tuff Torq. “Tuff Torq has agreed to disgorge profits, which will go to the benefit of the children. This sends a clear message: putting children in harm’s way in the workplace is not only illegal, but also comes with significant financial consequences.”


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Predator Poachers Catch Vile Pedo! (Video)

Today, a new sexual orientation just dropped and it might be the dumbest one yet, our very first exclusive collaboration with Alex Rosen and Predator Poachers

Bad Cops Are HELPING Corrupt Politicians Traffic Children, Back The Blue (Video)

Timcast IRL

Teachers sue Gavin Newsom for forcing them to lie about students’ gender (Video)

Attorney Paul Jonna and Elizabeth Mirabelli, a plaintiff in the case, joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss the latest on the lawsuit and why the teachers were forced to take action over the policy.

Exposed: The Sick Gangs Worse Than Epstein – Maggie Oliver (4K) | heretics. 25 (Video)

Maggie Oliver is the hero who stood up to the rest of the police in the face of British Pakistani gangs in Rochdale. The drama 3 Girls was based on her and the victims.

We Destroyed an Entire Generation of Kids | Dr. Drew Pinsky (Video)

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Dr. Drew Pinsky about the damaging effects of COVID-19 measures on Gen Z and other young people, emphasizing the impact of lockdowns on social development; his concerns about the bleak economic outlook and lack of inspiration for engagement; the over-prescription of psychotropic drugs and the societal issue of drugging a significant portion of the population; the need to distinguish between real mental illness and ordinary misery; the importance of ordinary misery and the distinction between hedonic and eudaimonic happiness; and much more.

The Pedo Files: Who is Hero121? (Video)

Louder with Crowder has released a new investigative report into an email address allegedly associated with BlackRock Managing Director Abigail Gold Geller. The email address in question was found on a leaked database of registered users of ‘dark web’ site known to the Department of Justice to engage in child exploitation. The website was shut down in 2020.

Epstein ‘sought baby farm’ so elites could impregnate underage girls

He and his buddies reportedly ‘would seed humanity with their sperm’

Not unlike multiple previous – and failed – social ideologies about a “super race” of citizens on earth, convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein reportedly wanted to set up a baby farm at his New Mexico ranch.

The purpose would have been to allow underage girls to have the children of those elites in society, those with money and influence.

“According to a report published at SenseofTruth, Epstein’s “twisted desire” included “impregnating numerous underage girls at his expansive property, aiming to ‘seed humanity’ with not only his own DNA but also that of his influential associates.”


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American Airlines Are Trafficking Children (Video)

The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters

Biden pours nearly $700,000 into program to prevent trans boys from getting pregnant

Program will utilize text-messaging program designed for ‘cisgender sexual minority girls’

The Biden administration has dished out nearly $700,000 to support the creation of a national pregnancy prevention program for transgender boys, federal grant records show.

Health and Human Services (HHS) handed over the funds in September 2023 to the Center for Innovative Public Health Research, a nonprofit that develops health technologies, according to its website. The program will utilize a text-messaging program that was designed for “cisgender sexual minority girls” between the ages of 14-18 to “address social and structural influences of sexual behavior” in transgender boys, according to the grant’s description.


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