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They started it! The myth that Germany bombed this country first during the Second World War (Video)

There is a very strange and mistaken idea that it was that it was the Germans who began bombing British cities in 1940 and that this country then retaliated. In fact, Britain attacked Germany by air long before the Blitz.

Israel-Hamas: Norman Finkelstein vs Alan Dershowitz Round 2 (Video)

Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined once more by lawyer and author of The War Against the Jews Alan Dershowitz and professor and author of Gaza: An Inquest into Its Martyrdom Norman Finkelstein for a robust debate on the war raging on in Gaza, six months on from the October 7 attacks.

The castration of white Europeans and the export of eunuchs to Africa

For centuries, there was a flourishing business of castrating young men and boys in Europe and then selling them as slaves to the Muslim world.

Mention of eunuchs summons up for most of us images of those guarding the harems of Arab potentates. We are also aware that slaves on plantations in ante bellum America were on occasion castrated for some transgression or other. Whatever other horrors the Atlantic slave trade entailed though, routine castration was never one of them. It is true that black slaves in America and the Caribbean were, from time to time, castrated, but this was never a common occurrence and was usually inflicted due to exceptional circumstances, such as an accusation of rape. With the act of castration so likely to result in death, it would have made no sense to hazard the lives of slaves in this way too frequently. In Europe, by contrast, the castration of white slaves was carried out on an industrial scale (Tracy, 2013). In Venice and the French city of Verdun ‘castration houses’ were set up to produce eunuchs for export to Egypt and other Muslim countries in North Africa and the Middle East. The majority of the young boys were Slavs taken prisoner by the Vikings and then sold on to slavers. The Slavs, from whose name is derived the modern word ‘slave’, are an ethnic group which originated in what is today western Russia. By the sixth or seventh century AD, they had spread south into the Balkans, almost as far as Greece, and west into what is now Poland.


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Where’s My Roy Cohn? (Video)

Corrupt. Ruthless. Powerful. Despicable. Meet the greatest villain in the history of politics.

The friendly 1820 Russian expedition to New Zealand (Video)

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Destroying Peace Since 1949. NATO: Anatomy of a Bad Idea | A. Lieven, J. Matlock & J. Mearsheimer (Video)

On April 4, 1949 the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) was founded in Washington DC. To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the worlds largest military alliance, we hosted a panel with three iconic IR thinkers.

Solo Through Bulgaria’s Communist Past (Video)

Bulgaria is a land nestled between sea and mountains on the southern border of Europe. Its location made it a target for invaders, however, although subjugated for 500 years, the Bulgarians never gave up their hope to one day be free again. Join me as we make our way towards one of the greatest examples of communist architecture as we explore the hidden ancient and communist past of this friendly nation on our way to…Buzludzha.

Martin Luther King’s True Legacy Led Black America Away from God into Democrat Dependency (Video)

Nearly 60 years after his assassination, Dr. Martin Luther King remains a Democratic demigod above reproach or criticism. Just ask Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk about the price to be paid for thinking critically about the legacy of the progressive pastor and the social changes his advocacy established. One man who isn’t afraid to tackle the uncomfortable truth surrounding MLK and the Civil Rights Act is author and producer Vince Everett Ellison. Ellison’s documentary on the subject, “Will You Go to Hell for Me?” caught Jason’s eye. In the film, Ellison explores the impact MLK’s push for civil rights has had on America and documents the truth about Dr. King’s character and how the hard-partying heretic pushed black people away from God and into the waiting arms of government and the Democratic Party.

FDR’s Vice President & Russian Collusion with Dr. Benn Steil (Video)

On this episode of Rendezvous With History, Reagan Institute Director of Scholarly Initiatives Dr. Anthony Eames sits down with Dr. Benn Steil who serves as a Senior Fellow and as the Director of International Economics at the Council on Foreign Relations. They discuss his latest book entitled, The World That Wasn’t: Henry Wallace and the Fate of the American Century. Dr. Steil recounts the story of FDR’s third-term Vice President Henry Wallace, his close ties to Communist Russia, and what America might look like if he ended up becoming President of the United States.

The American Military Built a Ghetto In the Pacific (And It’s Never Been Bigger) – Video

I wasn’t quite sure how to write this story, nor what we should include and leave out. This is a story about America, but it’s bigger than America. It’s a story about Ebeye, but it’s bigger than Ebeye too. But I suppose every story needs a start and an end, and I hope you’re happy with what we came up with. It was important to us that we do this one as well as we could.