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The FBI Was Also on Trial in Sussmann Russia Collusion Case (Video)

Both sides in the trial have taken aim at the FBI.  John Durham’s special counsel prosecutors have argued that the same FBI that took Hillary’s so-called oppo research and used it to frame Trump were somehow duped into believing this tripe. Testimony showed that the line agents were forced to investigate when they knew the information was partial garbage but were ordered to keep going by the 7th-floor executive suite.

The jury in the Michael Sussmann case held its first full day of deliberations on Tuesday to determine if the Hillary Clinton and Democratic National Committee (DNC) attorney is guilty of lying to the FBI in a private meeting. They were charged with the case on Friday.

Sussmann says he was doing his civic duty instead of doing Hillary Clinton’s dirty work when he brought faked “research” to the FBI that he and his Democrat cronies claimed tied Donald Trump to the Kremlin-connected Alfa-Bank via a super-secret server. None of it was true. The fallout from that meeting and all other Russia collusion claptrap changed the course of American history and left people disillusioned about their country’s institutions—especially the FBI.

Indeed, the FBI was as much on trial over the last two weeks as Sussmann, the former DOJ attorney-turned white-shoe lawyer with DNC-connected Perkins Coie.


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Dr Emma Pomeroy – New Neanderthal discoveries at Shanidar Cave, Iraqi Kurdistan (Video)

Shanidar Cave is an iconic site in Palaeolithic research thanks to the discoveries of the remains of ten Neanderthal men, women and children by Ralph Solecki and his team between 1951 and 1960. Shanidar 1’s extensive injuries during his life have been central to discussions of Neanderthal compassion and care, while the famous ‘flower burial’ (Shanidar 4, whose body was surrounded by pollen clumps), has been a hotly-contested example of Neanderthal funerary behaviour for decades.

Series: Outlander – Season 4

Actor: Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Duncan Lacroix. A reunited Claire and Jamie will start a home in the new world—but what awaits them there?

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Glen Campbell – Wichita Lineman

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Graphic Quotes: Will Durant on Socialism

“I was a Socialist in my youth and sympathized with the Soviet regime until I visited Russia in 1932. What I saw there led me to deprecate the extension of that system to any other land. Experience and history have taught me the instinctive basis and economic necessity of competition and private property.” Will Durant, American writer, historian, and philosopher.


Quick Pix: Charlie Brown on John Wayne w/Video

We all do…

Hungary Will Not Allow Ideological ‘Gender Madness’ in Schools: Justice Minister

Hungary’s Minister of Justice has told Breitbart News that Western Europe has been gripped by “madness” on gender identity, but that her country will not allow such ideas to be taught to children.

Minister Judit Varga, a member of Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz-KDNP Party Alliance — which equalled Germany’s recently retired Angela Merkel by winning its fourth national election in a row this April — was speaking to Breitbart London on the subject of her government’s recent moves to prohibit LGBT content targeted at children in schools and some forms of media, which has drawn the ire of the European Union and the international left.

“In recent years, a new trend emerged in Western Europe what I could simply call the gender madness,” she said, saying that Germany, in particular, was a textbook example of “what happens when the liberal advocates for multiculturalism and gender politics come to power”.

There, she said, the so-called ‘traffic light’ coalition government of the left-wing Social Democratic Party, far-left Greens, and liberal Free Democratic Party “devoted a separate sub-chapter to Queer policy” in its manifesto, adding that this “included, inter alia, the encouragement of the LGBTQ lobby in schools or the funding of the full cost of sex reassignment surgeries from taxpayers’ money.”


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The Truth About The World’s Most Elaborate Archaeological Fraud | Michigan Relics | Absolute History (Video)

During the late 1800s, a multitude of strange artifacts were unearthed in Michigan. Written in ancient scripts from around the world, they told of a Near Eastern culture living in North America before the arrival of Columbus. The Michigan Relics are considered to be one of the most elaborate and extensive pseudoarchaeological hoaxes ever perpetrated in American history.

Mass immigration to Britain; a deliberate plan or accidental disaster? (Video)

The appallingly high rates of immigration to Britain are sometimes attributed to schemes known variously as the Kalergi Plan or Great Replacement. Might there be a simpler explanation?

Biden Makes Most INSANE Call For Gun Control, Says NO ONE Should Have 9mm, But Gun Control Is LOSING (Video)