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Canada: The IMPLODING Meme Nation (Video)

Black Pigeon Speaks

Brokenomics | IQ (Video)

Dan speak to Professor Ed Dutton @TheJollyHeretic on the subject of Intelligence and how our society reacts to it.

The END for California | This Bankrupts Millions! (Video)

The Biggest Economic Change We Have Ever Seen

Economic Revolts Imminent? Canadian Police Issue Warning | Lauren Southern (Video)

The RCMP has issued a warning in a secret report that the Canadian population may engage in bouts of civil unrest over the dire state of the country’s economy. With Trudeau in charge for almost a decade, is anybody surprised? Lauren Southern certainly isn’t.

Canada Has JUST Fallen | Warning to America (Video)


America Collapsing Like Rome?- Upcoming Recession, WW3, Trump, China & Joe Rogan | Patrick Bet David (Video)

In today’s episode of Impact Theory, Patrick Bet-David and I go deep into leadership, manhood, the uncertain economic landscape, political turmoil, and the realities of success.

Illegal Immigration, Trump, & the MASSIVE Socio-Political Shifts to Expect in 2024 w/Matt Goodwin (Video)

Peter and Matt build upon their previous interview and discuss illegal immigration and its effects on society and politics. Matt predicts that mass migration will cause a political rightward shift and a severe backlash from the political left. Matt and Peter then discuss the consequences, including an increase in polarization as a result of the political tumult 2024 is likely to bring.

Celebrities are Fleeing California (Video)

There are almost 2 dozen celebrities that have recently left California. They’re sick of the crime and they’re sick of the taxes. Who’s next?

Erik Prince: Founder of Blackwater USA | Full Address and Q&A (Video)

Oxford Union

RFK Jr.: Who Really Profits from The Ukraine War? (Video)

Few people understand what the war in Ukraine means for big business—namely, opportunity. It’s not just the weapons and reconstruction contracts. Ukraine’s vast agricultural lands—among the most fertile in the world—are up for grabs, and American companies like BlackRock are at the front of the line.