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I’ve Been at NPR for 25 Years. Here’s How We Lost America’s Trust.

Uri Berliner, a veteran at the public radio institution, says the network lost its way when it started telling listeners how to think.

You know the stereotype of the NPR listener: an EV-driving, Wordle-playing, tote bag–carrying coastal elite. It doesn’t precisely describe me, but it’s not far off. I’m Sarah Lawrence–educated, was raised by a lesbian peace activist mother, I drive a Subaru, and Spotify says my listening habits are most similar to people in Berkeley. 

I fit the NPR mold. I’ll cop to that.

So when I got a job here 25 years ago, I never looked back. As a senior editor on the business desk where news is always breaking, we’ve covered upheavals in the workplace, supermarket prices, social media, and AI. 

It’s true NPR has always had a liberal bent, but during most of my tenure here, an open-minded, curious culture prevailed. We were nerdy, but not knee-jerk, activist, or scolding. 


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Arrested for Exposing J6 Lies, Journalist Speaks Out (Video)

Joe Biden has put hundreds of his political opponents in jail. Here’s the latest, a working journalist who’s exposed the fraudulence of the January 6th myth.

Mossad Agent REVEALS How Israel Controls U.S. Politicians & Journalists! (Video)

The Jimmy Dore Show

MSNBC, Paul Krugman Panic Over “White Rural Rage” (Video)

This week in undisguised class hatred: the New York Times and MSNBC slobber over a new book on the domestic threat

“Tom, I’ll start with you,” began Mika Brzezinski. “Why are rural white voters a threat to democracy at this point?”

Fastball delivered, University of Maryland professor and co-author of just-released White Rural Rage: The Threat To American Democracy Tom Schaller took a swing. He and Mika first complained rural voters should be supporting Joe Biden, given his roots — you’d have to be pretty high to call Scranton “rural,” but whatever — then Schaller read off small town America’s charge sheet: rural whites, he said, are the most “racist,” “xenophobic,” “anti-immigrant and anti-gay,” “conspiracist,” “anti-democratic,” they “don’t believe in an independent press or free speech,” and are “most likely to accept or excuse violence,” for starters.


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Biden Admin Orders SURRENDER Of Journalist For EXPOSING J6 LIES, Biden Goes FULL PUTIN (Video)


David Mamet DEMOLISHES Hollywood Executives and Brain-Dead Liberals (Video)

Pulitzer Prize winning writer, dramatist, and cartoonist David Mamet joins us to discuss his new book Everywhere an Oink Oink: An Embittered, Dyspeptic, and Accurate Report of Forty Years in Hollywood, why he no longer identifies as a ‘brain-dead liberal’, and how aspiring filmmakers don’t need the artistic establishment’s approval to be successful.

How to Survive Mainstream Media Attacks (Video)

Tucker Carlson and Dave Portnoy discuss mainstream media attacks.

The BBC Damages Our Culture. From Racist Employees to Gary Lineker to Deflecting Acid Attacks (Video)

NCF Founder & Director Peter Whittle discusses the latest round of stories demonstrating the degree to which the BBC undermines and damages Britain and British culture.

Who Owns the News? (Video)

Not ‘who owns the news media,’ but rather, WHO OWNS THE NEWS? The facts. Unfortunately but not unsurprisingly, many mainstream journalists believe that THEY do… and therein lies much mischief.

Tim Pool CALLS OUT NBC News For LYING, Explains The Game Mainstream Media Plays (Video)

Timcast IRL