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The American Military Built a Ghetto In the Pacific (And It’s Never Been Bigger) – Video

I wasn’t quite sure how to write this story, nor what we should include and leave out. This is a story about America, but it’s bigger than America. It’s a story about Ebeye, but it’s bigger than Ebeye too. But I suppose every story needs a start and an end, and I hope you’re happy with what we came up with. It was important to us that we do this one as well as we could.

America Has Sanctuary Cities, Australia Doesn’t Even Have a “Sanctuary Street,” with Paul Murray (Video)

Megyn Kelly is joined by Paul Murray, Sky News Australia host, to discuss America’s “sanctuary cities” and how Australia would never do that, the crazy deportation of Novak Djokovic back in 2021, and more.

Aussies forced into tents amid housing crisis | A Current Affair (Video)

A Current Affair covers the realms of politics, crime, human rights, science, technology, celebrities and entertainment – all investigated by a dedicated team.

Tony Abbott: We Stopped Illegal Immigration! (Video)

Tony Abbott is an Australian former politician who served as the 28th prime minister of Australia from 2013 to 2015. Representing the Liberal Party of Australia, Abbott’s premiership was notable for the implementation of Operation Sovereign Borders, the objective of which was the cessation of illegal maritime arrivals. In September 2020, he was named an adviser to the British government’s Board of Trade. Abbott continues to contribute to international public debate as a writer, public speaker and advocate for conservative causes.

Australia Holds the Line Against the Left (Video)

The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters

Left-wing politics down under: ‘Have the Kiwis learnt the costly lesson of trading liberty?’ (Video)

Darren Grimes gives his take on if left-wing politics have been defeated in New Zealand.

AUS Banks END CASH Withdrawals, Central Bank Digital Currency IS COMING, Cash Is Being REMOVED (Video)


The Story of Australia, Ep.2 – Break Out | Full Documentary

Gold rushes, wool booms and epic journeys transform Australia. Nearly 50 years since the arrival of the First Fleet, wool drives British expansion across the continent. Australia begins to break free from its convict shackles and becomes a land of opportunity.

The Story of Australia, Ep.1 – Worlds Collide | Full Documentary

Using astounding visual sequences, this groundbreaking drama-documentary series weaves together stories of how Australians came to create the homeland they inhabit today. Aboriginal Australians thrive in every corner of the continent for at least 50,000 years. They meet unique challenges – like the marsupial lion that’s the world’s deadliest mammalian carnivore. When 800 British convicts and their guards come to stay, worlds collide.

The Killing Fields of Auckland… ‘Storm Clouds Gather’- Musket Wars Chapter 10 (Video)

After returning from London in July 1821, Hongi Hika seeks vengance on Te Hinaki’s Ngati Paoa tribe that occupies the western side of the Tamaki estuary in Auckland. This episode covers his destructive journey down to Auckland and examines the reliability of the account(s) that has been handed down. This war party (taua) is a testament to Hongi’s generalship and strategic thinking