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Éric Zemmour on Macron, Brexit and migrant crisis: ‘Immigration is war’ | SpectatorTV (Video)

Éric Zemmour speaks to Freddy Gray, The Spectator’s deputy editor, about immigration, Islam, Brexit and Emmanuel Macron. Zemmour is a historian, journalist and writer, who looks like he’s about to announce a run for the French presidency. He came over to London recently to fundraise for his campaign.

London poised for Brexit boom as euro dubbed ‘single biggest failure in financial history’

London is poised to thrive and enjoy a boom post-Brexit as “no one in their right mind” would allow their financial regulations to be “dictated” by Brussels, a commentator claimed.

London was overtaken by Amsterdam as the main European market centre in January, as more shares were traded in the Dutch capital. The shift, which initially looked ominous for City traders, comes as Brussels still refuses to recognise most UK regulatory systems as equivalent to its own post-Brexit. Paris and Dublin also gained in trade volume, as Michel Barnier signalled the EU will not climb down from its demands if a financial services deal is to be agreed with the UK. But City traders and Chancellor Rishi Sunak, as Professor David Blake pointed out, need not worry.

He wrote: “Even before the withdrawal agreement was published, Sir Jon Cunliffe, a Bank of England deputy governor, expressed concern that the Treasury is ‘going to give it all away’ when it comes to City regulation post-Brexit. 

“He feared that this would leave the City of London and its regulator, the Prudential Regulatory Authority, as a ‘rule-taker’ from Brussels. 


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“Britain is dead” Peter Hitchens interview on Boris, Britain & Brexit (Video)

Writer and broadcaster Peter Hitchens speaks to The Sun’s Steven Edginton about when Britain “died”, Boris Johnson and communism. This week’s ‘Burning Questions’ covers Hitchens’ views on conservatism and why he believes the decline of religion and other cultural institutions has ruined the UK.

Claire Fox: How the EU Parliament is the Ultimate Authoritarian Dream (Video)

In her address to the IIEA, Claire Fox MEP argues that the decision to leave the European Union was deeply rooted in a historical commitment to the sovereignty of the people, and a firm belief that politicians should not be able to ‘outsource accountability’. About the Speaker: Claire Fox is the elected Brexit Party member of the European Parliament for North West England and the director and founder of the Academy of Ideas, an organisation established to create a public space where ideas can be contested without constraint. She convenes the yearly Battle of Ideas festival and initiated the Debating Matters Competition for sixth-formers.

Video: You’re Not Laughing Now, Are You? ;)

Happy Brexit Day!

Nigel Farage’s dramatic final speech at the European Parliament ahead of the Brexit vote (Video)

Nigel Farage’s final speech at the EU ended very dramatically when he was cut off for ‘disobeying the rules’ ahead of the Brexit withdrawal agreement vote.

Deplorables: Trump, Brexit and the Demonised Masses (Documentary)

A film about the people who had long been forgotten, but now cannot be ignored — from the Rust Belt to the Essex coast. Featuring: Salena Zito, Matthew Goodwin, Glenn Loury, Munira Mirza, Paul Embery, Brian Denny and more.