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Why Did Jimmy Kimmel Claim Japan Is A Better Country? (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel declares that America is dirty and disgusting compared to a country like Japan. But why is that? That’s the question that he doesn’t want to ask or answer.

Texas’s New Executive Order Is A HUGE Step Backwards For Free Speech (Video)

Texas governor Gregg Abbott signed an executive order calling for punishment of “antisemitic rhetoric” on college campuses. Here’s why that is a horrible, un-American idea.

Matt Walsh FINALLY Addresses The Hate Speech Laws Republicans Are Passing In America! (Video)

Matt Walsh makes video about Governor Abbott & his hate speech laws… let’s talk more!

I Uncovered Footage That Proves The Airline Industry Is Doomed (Video)

I have obtained internal footage from the FAA revealing their plan to reduce the number of white people in their ranks. According to my investigation, the effort to make the airline industry less safe and less reliable goes farther than you think.

El Salvador’s President Is Wildly Popular. Here’s What We Can Learn From Him. (Video)

Matt Walsh

This Former NFL Player Called For Segregated Games In Viral Tweet. I Like It. (Video)

A former NFL player made waves when he demanded that white people stop offering football analysis.

Sean Hannity Shows His True Colors (Video)

Matt Walsh

This Teacher Has Gone Viral On TikTok. See Why. (Video)

Matt Walsh

Prominent Race Hustler Experiences Going Woke And Broke (Video)

Ibram X Kendi’s empire of anti-racism is falling.

These Are The “Worst” States To Live In… (Video)

CNBC’s list of terrible states to live in seem to have things in common.