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Kevin Sorbo and Ricky Schroder Are Building a Conservative Competitor to Hollywood (Video)

Hollywood veterans Kevin Sorbo and Ricky Schroder join us to discuss how Hollywood is collapsing under the weight of woke ideology, and how courageous storytellers creating a values-based entertainment industry is the way conservatives will reclaim the culture from the left.

Playing Lt. Dan in ‘Forrest Gump’ Changed Gary Sinise’s Destiny (Video)

Gary Sinise has won a Primetime Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, a Tony Award, and four Screen Actors Guild Awards for his on screen performances. He has also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and was nominated for an Academy Award.Sinise has also received numerous awards and honors for his extensive humanitarian work and involvement with charitable organizations. He is a supporter of various veterans’ organizations and founded the Lt. Dan Band, which plays at military bases around the world, and the Gary Sinise Foundation.

Sound Of Freedom SMASHES $10M Pre Sales, Movie WAS AMAZING, You MUST See Sound of Freedom (Video)


Jim Caviezel Slams Woke Media For Hiding Truth, Call For Sex-Trafficking Whistleblowers (Video)

The Daily Signal

The Fight Against Worldwide Child Slavery & the Sex Trade | Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard | EP 372 (Video)

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson discusses the new film “Sound of Freedom,” with star Jim Caviezel and real life inspiration Tim Ballard. The film details Ballard’s work as a Special Agent to fight against sex trafficking and the child sex trade. They go into depth on the psychology of pedophilia, the nature of good and evil, and how a steady faith in God has guided all three.

Maureen O’Hara Risked It All To Speak Out About Hollywood’s Sexual Predators

In 1945, Maureen O’Hara risked her career by speaking out strongly against Hollywood’s casting couch and executives who sexually harassed actresses.

Hollywood has a long history of harassing women. The casting couch stories were whispered about long before Harvey Weinstein’s scandal broke. While so many women didn’t speak out for fear of losing their careers, one woman made a strong stance against Hollywood executives sexually assaulting and harassing actresses. Maureen O’Hara was very vocal about this as early as 1945.

Maureen O’Hara Was Hollywood Whistleblower

“The Miracle on 34th Street” star put her acting career on the line in an interview with “The Mirror” when she was just 25.

She spoke out about the attempts made to ruin her career after she wouldn’t accept the sexual advances made by Hollywood executives. What a brave woman!

“I am so upset with it that I am ready to quit Hollywood,” said the then 25-year-old.


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Watch Tom Hanks’ Son DESTROY Woke Hollywood In EPIC Video!

Ziwe Interview

Richard Dreyfuss: Woke Will Kill America (Video)

Oscar winner warns of Facebook censorship, attempts to silence debate

Most Hollywood actors, from rising stars to A-listers alike, are sitting out the fight to save free speech.

Even on Oscar night, when celebrities use their podium time to promote pet causes, free speech doesn’t get a close-up. Many celebrities have cheered on social media titans for banning select leaders.

Others wish Fox News, the popular cable channel serving right-leaning audiences, would be banished.

Richard Dreyfuss is a startling exception to all of the above.

The star of “Jaws,” “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “The Goodbye Girl” and “What About Bob?” joined right-leaning podcaster Megyn Kelly this week to tackle the subject head on.


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Actor Sam Elliot rips Oscar-nominated ‘The Power of the Dog’ for pandering to woke narratives

In an expletive laden rant, the veteran actor tore into ‘The Power of the Dog’ for its pandering to a woke audience.

Sam Elliott, best known for his iconic mustache and his numerous roles in gritty Westerns, has aimed his sights on the Oscar-nominated drama “The Power of the Dog” for its portrayal of homosexual cowboys, calling the movie “a piece of s***” for its pandering to woke narratives.

In an interview with Marc Maron’s podcast “WTF Podcast,” Elliott, who has portrayed the likes of Virgil Earp (“Tombstone,” 1993) and General John Buford (“Gettysburg,” 1993) and currently plays Shae Brennon in the gritty “Yellowstone” prequel “1883,” aired his anger at the award-nominated Netflix movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

Elliott, who is an outspoken libertarian, said: “You want to talk about that piece of s***?”

The exchange was transcribed by the Daily Wire. It went as follows:

Maron: Did you see Power of the Dog? Did you watch that movie?

Elliott: Yeah. Do you want to talk about that piece of s***?

Maron: You didn’t like that one?

Elliott: F*** no.

Maron: Okay. Why?

Elliott: I’ll tell you why. I read a f***ing — I didn’t like it anyway; I looked at it when I was down there in Texas doing 1883; and what really brought it home to me the other day when I said to you “Do you want to talk about it”— there was a f***ing full-page ad out in the LA Times and there was a review — not a review but a —


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Mel Gibson, Hungary, and the Sense of Normal

So, we welcome Mel Gibson to Hungary: neither him, nor our country can be destroyed by the woke elites. But they’re trying hard and we can be fairly sure that they won’t give up anytime soon.

Good news for Budapest, the new safe haven for Western conservatives: Mel Gibson came to town. Around the end of November, locals were happy to see the famous actor around the city. Everybody knows Mel Gibson, and Hungary is no exception. The movie star was in Hungary’s capital to film the John Wick prequel series, The Continental.

When browsing the U.S. press for recent articles about him, though, I bumped into some very intriguing headlines. “How Does Mel Gibson Still Have a Career?,” Variety asked. “Mel Gibson Is Living Proof That ‘Cancel Culture’ Is Mostly Bullshit,” the Daily Beast concluded.

The militants of cancel culture are always shocked when their methods don’t work. Over the years, so much effort has been wasted on trying to cancel Mel Gibson, but to their horror, people still like him. How dare they?

The thing is, normal people around the globe like good actors and good movies. And by “good” I don’t mean woke, but something that you can actually enjoy. There were times when the main purpose of movies and series was not indoctrination. Now if you watch any random new series or movie on the streaming platforms, you realize that everything is secondary when compared to the big ideological message. And it’s not much fun, really.


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