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Ukraine War Is A Money Laundering Scheme FOR BLACKROCK! – RFK Jr. (Video)

The Jimmy Dore Show

The Talmud Audiobook Volume I

The Talmud is a vast collection of Jewish laws and traditions. Despite the dry subject matter the Talmud makes interesting reading because it is infused with vigorous intellectual debate, humor and deep wisdom. As the saying goes, ‘you don’t have to be Jewish’ to appreciate this text. If you put in the hard work required to read the Talmud, your mind will get a world-class workout. The process of studying the Talmud has been compared with the practice of Zen Buddhist Koan meditation, and for good reason.

CDK – Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye

We had such an incredible experience working on this piece and we’re so excited to finally share this with you all!

AMAZING! MSNBC Turns AGAINST Israel-Says AIPAC Owns The U.S. Congress! (Video)

After Mehdi Hasan was booted from his MSNBC gig after criticizing Israel over Gaza, it was more than a bit surprising to see Hasan’s fellow MSNBC host Ali Velshi conduct a brutal expose on AIPAC and the pro-Israel lobby group’s outsized influence over the American political community.

Idaho’s solution to Southern border crisis (Video)

House State Affairs passed legislation that creates illegal immigration enforcement mechanisms on an Idaho level, bypassing the federal government.

The END for California | This Bankrupts Millions! (Video)

The Biggest Economic Change We Have Ever Seen

John Mearsheimer: Is China the Real Winner of Ukraine War? | Endgame #136 (Luminaries) – Video

“I think the situation we face today in the world is much more dangerous than it was during the Cold War,” warned realist John J. Mearsheimer in this conversation. What are the underlying causes of his provoking statement? To what extent the United States should get its hands dirty?

Is Wokeness A Mental Illness? Reacting To Your Woke Health Experiences (Video)

Misha Petrov

What happened when Denmark welcomed immigration and decided to become multicultural (Video)

For many years, Denmark was one of the most peaceful and law-abiding countries in the world. Then, it was decided that a monocultural society was old-fashioned and out of touch with the modern world.

Swedish MEP slams “reckless” Irish migration policy | Gript (Video)

A Swedish MEP has criticised Ireland’s migration policy as “reckless”, saying the Taoiseach is making life “worse for the Irish with house prices, social issues and homeless people” as well as Europe as a whole.