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Gina Carano on Teaming up With Elon Musk to Sue Disney (Video)

Gina Carano lost her career when she refused to lie for Disney. She seems content with it.

Tucker CALLS OUT Christian Zionists’ Hypocrisy! (Video)

During a recent episode of his X show, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson called out Christians in the United States who provide support for Israel despite the Jewish state’s treatment of Christians in Palestine. Many right-wing evangelicals took decided exception to Carlson’s allegations of hypocrisy, however.

Mike Johnson Is Fighting to Protect the Government Spy Program Used on Trump (Video)

The FISA bill is dead but, like herpes, it’ll be back. It’s important to punish the people who pushed it.

Tucker Carlson Segment On Christians In Israel! Dave Smith Joins To Discuss & Chat. (Video)

An0maly – News Analysis & Hip-hop

The Real Impact of American Aid on Palestinian Christians (Video)

How does the government of Israel treat Christians? In the west, Christian leaders don’t seem interested in knowing the answer. They should be. Here’s the view of a pastor from Bethlehem.

Sage Steele: “White Men Are Not Allowed to Have a Voice [At ESPN]” (Video)

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Why You Shouldn’t Take the Black Pill (Video)

Here’s the bright side of a dark time: people are starting to notice the lies. The vibe is changing fast.

Dr. Pierre Kory Unveils the Truth Behind Vaccine Damages (Video)

They’re still claiming the Covid vax is safe and effective. Yet somehow Dr. Pierre Kory treats hundreds of patients who’ve been badly injured by it. Why is no one in the public health establishment paying attention?

Tucker’s Neighbor on Rural America, Overcoming Addiction, and Donald Trump (Video)

Esau Cooper is an excavator and semi-professional lawn mower racer from Western Maine, and a man well worth listening to.

Tulsi Gabbard on Being Trump’s VP, Who’s Puppeteering Biden, and Corruption in Congress (Video)

Tulsi Gabbard could be the next vice president. Here’s what she believes.