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Anarcho-Tyranny: When the innocent are punished, and the guilty go free (Video)

Recent sentencing guidelines order judges to go easier on people with criminal traits. Why?

Brokenomics | IQ (Video)

Dan speak to Professor Ed Dutton @TheJollyHeretic on the subject of Intelligence and how our society reacts to it.

Is UK a Coward Country Now? with Prof. Ed Dutton from the Jolly Heretic (Video)

Charles Veitch

Help! My IQ is so low that my house is literally collapsing into the sea! (Video)

Why do people buy homes KNOWING that they will soon fall of a cliff.

Why do left wing people like ugly things? (Video)

The recent destruction of the Balfour portrait in Cambridge is more evidence for something we all know. The left hates beauty and fetishises ugliness.

Of Demography & Destiny | with Edward Dutton, Jolly Heretic (Video)

Edward Dutton is @TheJollyHeretic —an author and admitter of inconvenient facts.

Why do some people fight for other ethnic groups ahead of their own? (Video)

The recent election of George Galloway in the UK is another chapter in the career of this fascinating politician, famous the world over for appealing to Muslim voters wherever he goes.

Why are they lying about our people’s past? | Tom Rowsell (Video)

The wonderful Mr Tom Rowsell joins us for a special in-person conversation! For those who don’t know, Tom makes films about ancient pagan religions. He focuses mainly on Indo-European cultures and, more specifically, on Germanic/Norse pagans.

The REAL reasons behind London’s new Woke tube lines (Video)

They are designed to tell you you’ve lost your capital city. Let’s unravel the layers of hidden meaning, shall we?

The War on Noticing | Steve Sailer (Video)

Race, culture, human biodiversity with the man who “notices.”

Pariah to some, and prophet to others, Steve Sailer is one of the most thought-provoking writers in America today. A journalist and blogger known for his writings on race, genetics, and intelligence, he has at times been accused of “inventing” identity politics for the right, though that’s perhaps of a byproduct of his own brand of ruthlessly interrogating the data and offering his own conclusions, no matter how blunt.

Steve has a new book out, Noticing, a compendium of his writings on observations on culture, immigration, class, politics, and human biodiversity going back to the 1970s.


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