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Gina Carano on Teaming up With Elon Musk to Sue Disney (Video)

Gina Carano lost her career when she refused to lie for Disney. She seems content with it.

New Hate Speech Bill Calls For Federal Agencies To “Task Force” & Counter Online Speech! (Video)

An0maly – News Analysis & Hip-hop

Sage Steele: “White Men Are Not Allowed to Have a Voice [At ESPN]” (Video)

Tucker Carlson Network

“Israeli Media Company” – Andrew Schulz SHREDS Ben Shapiro For Firing Candace Owens (Video)

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana react to Andrew Schulz questioning Ben Shapiro’s firing of Candace Owens and says The Daily Wire isn’t an American media company, it’s an “Israeli Media Company.”

Elon Musk, Rogan & J.K. Rowling DECRY Scotland’s New Hate Crimes Law! (Video)

Scotland has passed a new hate speech law that critics are decrying as an assault on free speech. While defenders of the law insist that the law safeguards free speech, the reality is that the State is granted the leeway to decide what consists of “hate speech,” which will allow for selective prosecution based on who’s “in” or “out” with the establishment.

Texas’s New Executive Order Is A HUGE Step Backwards For Free Speech (Video)

Texas governor Gregg Abbott signed an executive order calling for punishment of “antisemitic rhetoric” on college campuses. Here’s why that is a horrible, un-American idea.

“Panicked” – Study Showing No Racial Bias in Police Shootings Almost Cost Harvard Professor His Job (Video)

Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by economic and Harvard University professor Roland Fryer as they discuss the left’s response to Roland’s study that shows there’s no racial bias in police shootings.

Matt Walsh FINALLY Addresses The Hate Speech Laws Republicans Are Passing In America! (Video)

Matt Walsh makes video about Governor Abbott & his hate speech laws… let’s talk more!

Humza Yousaf and the Hate and Public Order (Scotland) Act, which targets ‘white-male entitlement’ (Video)

A new law comes into force in Scotland today and already the First Minister of Scotland has been reported to the police for an infamous speech which he gave, complaining that too many posts were held by white people.

John Waters: Hate Speech Laws & Politicians Selling Ireland Out (Video)

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