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EXPOSED: Greenwich CT Assistant Principal’s Hiring Discrimination Ensures ‘Subtle’ Child Indoctrination (Video)_

‘You Don’t Hire’ Catholics Because They Are More ‘Conservative’ … ‘Progressive Teachers’ Are ‘Savvy About Delivering a Democratic Message’

Project Veritas released the first video in its newly launched Education Series today exposing a senior official at a prominent public school.

Jeremy Boland, who serves as Cos Cob Elementary School’s Assistant Principal, was recorded bragging about how he oversees the hiring of teachers who will disseminate “progressive” political ideas in the classrooms:

Boland: You’re teaching them


how to think. That’s it. It doesn’t matter what they think about. If they think about it in a logical progressive way, that becomes their habit.

Veritas Journalist: So, you kind of like, gear them to think in a more liberal way?

Boland: Mm-hmm. Believe it or not, the open minded, more progressive teachers are actually more savvy about delivering a Democratic message without really ever having to mention politics.


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Carlsbad Caverns National Park (Video)

Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico — This national park is known for caves where sulfuric acid dissolves limestone. In this video, we’ll learn about the history of the national park and going 750 ft down to the cave known as “The Big Room.” It’s name holds through because it could hold 6 football fields.

Graphic Quotes: Hanna Cox on Taking Back What Was Stolen

“Any half wit would take back what was stolen from them while still opposing the theft” – Hannah Cox

Series: Wagon Train – Season 2

Starring: Ward Bond; Robert Horton; John McIntire. Stories of the journeys of a wagon train as it leaves post-Civil War Missouri on its way to California through the plains, deserts, and Rocky Mountains.

Click here to watch Wagon Train – Season 2.

Arlo Guthrie – The City of New Orleans

Tour of 1978 in Atlanta, GA with Shenandoah.

Supreme Court to Hear Two Cases On College Race-Based Admissions Policies

“Harvard and the University of North Carolina have racially gerrymandered their freshman classes in order to achieve prescribed racial quotas. Every college applicant should be judged as a unique individual, not as some representative of a racial or ethnic group,” SFFA President Edward Blum said in a statement.

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear challenges to the University of North Carolina and Harvard’s race-based admissions.

The nation’s highest court set a date of Oct. 31 to hear the arguments.

Alex Deise, an attorney and policy manager at FreedomWorks, said the Supreme Court can deliver a “historic” decision to abolish the “ability for higher education to use race-based affirmative action in admissions.”

Both UNC and Harvard have been sued over allegations of discrimination against Asian and white Americans, with some arguing their civil rights were violated in the admissions process.

“By taking these cases, the Supreme Court has a historic opportunity to eliminate the ability of colleges and universities to explicitly discriminate on the basis of race in their admissions process,” Deise said.


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Is European History Too White? (Video)

Lauren Chen is a political and social commentator. She was born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, and came to the US for university. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic.

Bold and Blunt: My Son Hunter Makes Its Magic Film Debut (Audio)

Democrats, beware: The story of Hunter Biden’s not disappearing any time soon, thanks in part to a recent astonishing admission from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg about working with the FBI (allegedly) to stifle the story and in even larger part to a new film making its debut — just in time for midterms, no less — called “My Son Hunter.”

Truth has a funny way of resurfacing and getting out, no matter how hard the deceivers and liars and spinmeisters try to stifle it. And really, when it comes to fighting for the soul of a nation, as Joe Biden likes to put it, there’s nothing more powerful than influencing the culture. Robert Davi, actor, director, singer, talks Hunter, “My Son Hunter,” Ronald Reagan, the culture, Hollywood and Marxism — specifically, warning about the Marxist direction that America’s been taking over the last few years. And it’s a Bold and Blunt show you don’t want to miss.

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A Pre-Emptive COUP Has Begun To STOP Trump 2024, Now Top Conservatives Reject Him For Ron DeSantis (Video)

Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, and others have said no to Trump 2024. Many are calling for Ron DeSantis to be the 2024 GOP nominee as he is younger and has less baggage and more accomplishments. But polling data shows that Trump is performing better than most GOP candidates suggesting that he is the best chance for Republicans to beat Democrats in 2024 and with his endorsements 2022 midterms.

Comedian Discriminated Against for Being White – Tyler Fischer (Video)

Tyler Fischer is a comedian and actor based in New York. He is currently suing a talent manager for discrimination, having been denied work on the basis of his skin colour.