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Andrew Tate EVISCERATES Ben Shapiro Over Israel! (Video)

Andrew Tate says he agrees with Ben Shapiro about a lot of things, but one area where they diverge, he recently told Piers Morgan, is in matters of war and peace. Shapiro is an unrepentant warmonger, Tate says, and would happily send others off to fight and die in a war he himself did not sign up for.

It’s not young men radicalised by Andrew Tate that we need to worry about; it’s the young women (Video)

Many young women in Britain have been radicalised by left-wing ideology and now adhere to some very strange and extreme views

Tate Brothers REACT to Conor McGregor running for president (Video)

The Real World

Andrew Tate SLAMS ‘Warmonger’ Ben Shapiro, Tucker Carlson THROWS SHADE (Video)

Ameshia Cross and Robby Soave weigh in on Andrew Tate’s criticism of Ben Shapiro

Elon Musk Vows To DESTROY Woke Cabal In NUCLEAR Lawsuit, Timcast & More Announce WE ARE GOING TO WAR (Video)


Confronting Tim Pool: Trump, Andrew Tate, Tucker Carlson, Failure, and Success (Video)

In this captivating episode of the Meet Kevin Show, we delve into a thought-provoking discussion surrounding Andrew Tate, his influence on young men, and his impact on America. Tim Pool and Kevin Paffrath, two prominent voices in today’s political landscape, engage in a candid conversation that explores various perspectives.

Tucker Carlson Episode 8: The Andrew Tate Interview (Video)

Must watch.

Andrew Tate’s Warning to Mel Gibson (Video)

The Masculine Creed

Andrew Tate EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jail Life | BBC Reaction | Matrix | Religion | Future Plans (Video)

Patrick Bet-David sits down with Andrew Tate in Romania while under house arrest. For almost five hours, PBD & Tate discuss the current allegations against him, life in jail, life after jail, The BBC interview, the Matrix attacking him, his conversion to Islam, and what’s next for him.

Andrew Tate Official Statement After BBC Interview (Video)