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Poland mocks France as Paris burns (Video)

Ezra Levant reflects on social and ethnic divides in Marseille, France, as Poland releases a video mocking France’s position on immigration while comparing fiery riots in Paris to peace and calm in Warsaw.

Jordan Peterson announces world tour promoting new book “12 Rules for Life” (Video)

On last night’s show, Dr. Jordan Peterson joined me to discuss his world tour promoting his new book, 12 Rules for Life.

Academia is overflowing with leftists pushing the same tired social justice agenda, Dr. Peterson’s pro-freedom message is in short supply and great demand. It’s why his Biblical series lectures have gained surprising traction and his plan to give psychological lectures on the book of Exodus is attracting more attention than he expected.

With Google firing James Damore for revealing their anti-conservative bias and Wilfred Laurier University punishing a TA for showing a clip of Dr. Peterson discussing transgender pronouns, there is growing resistance to the far-left establishment.


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The Ugly Truth About Justin Trudeau | Ezra Levant and Stefan Molyneux (Video)

Ezra Levant is a journalist and the founder of TheRebel Media, Canada’s largest independent news network. He is the author of “Shakedown: How Our Government is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights” and “Trumping Trudeau: How Donald Trump will change Canada even if Justin Trudeau doesn’t know it yet.”