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Vivek Ramaswamy

The Insane Levels of Doping in East Germany (Video)

Unveil the shocking truth behind East Germany’s state-sponsored doping during the Cold War era! Explore the dark secrets, the toll on athletes, and the enduring legacy that still haunts the world of sports today.

WOKE Reporter REGRETS Asking Sean Strickland LOADED Question (Video)

MMA fighter Sean Strickland recently rebuffed attempts by leftist journalists to shame him for his conservative views.

This Former NFL Player Called For Segregated Games In Viral Tweet. I Like It. (Video)

A former NFL player made waves when he demanded that white people stop offering football analysis.

Dana White | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #470 (Video)

Theo Von joins Dana White at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas for this episode of This Past Weekend. They chat about his rise as a business mogul, building up the UFC, how to pick the right walk-up music, standing up to pressure from critics, the emergence of Power Slap, his friendship with President Trump, the retirements that hit him the hardest, and more.

UFC Fighter Just OWNED Bud Light, Sean Strickland Issues Statement FORCING Bud Light To Reject Woke (Video)


UFC HIT WITH BOYCOTT After Signing $100m Bud Light Deal, Massive Pro Trump Fans REJECT Bud Light (Video)


MLB Pitcher Abruptly Cut After Brutally Honest Comments on Target and Bud Light

While he initially said he was sorry, the right-hander said Thursday the video did in fact reflect his beliefs and he did not view what he shared as hateful.

The Toronto Blue Jays have cut pitcher Anthony Bass a week after he shared a video that encouraged Christians to boycott companies such as Target and Bud Light over their LGBT advocacy.

Bass, 35, initially apologized for sharing the video on May 31. He shared a clip from a person named Ryan Miller, who is behind an Instagram account “dudewithgoodnews.”

The video quoted Bible verses and called the LGBT ideology “evil” and “demonic.”

Bass quickly expressed remorse following a backlash, but his critics did not feel his apology was genuine. He was booed a day after sharing the video by the home crowd in Toronto.


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