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Graphic Quotes: Scott Adams on Tax

The point of a graduated tax rate system isn’t fairness. It’s designed so Congress can take as much as you can afford…


Scott Adams Reveals How The Media Controls You (Video)

Scott Adams is the creator of Dilbert and author of Reframe Your Brain: The User Interface For Happiness and Success. In this conversation, we talk about how to hypnotie your brain for success, the ways that the media tricks us, and how he has built one of the most influential audiences of our time.

Scott Adams – The Dilbert Cancellation Catastrophe | Real Talk with Zuby Ep. 303 (Video)

Author, cartoonist, and political commentator Scott Adams joins Zuby to expose what really happened in February 2023, when the news media decided to cancel Scott’s world-renowned ‘Dilbert’ cartoon strip. Scott then breaks down America’s cultural focus on racial identity, the current victimhood incentive structure, his tools for success, as well as AI concerns and hopes. The two then explore health & fitness, how to forecast cultural shifts, and ‘misinformation’ and ‘fake news’ in the modern era.

Graphic Quotes: Scott Adams on the Impact of DEI

“I’ll bet there is not a single academic paper on the likely impact of DEI on straight, white American men. Because no one cares until we leave.” – Scott Adams


Graphic Quotes: Scott Adams on DEI

“The biggest existential risk to the United States is DEI.” – Scott Adams


Graphic Quotes: Scott Adams on Overt Discrimination

“If you researched the CURRENT hiring practices of the companies that pulled ads from X, you would find that all of them are overtly racist against straight, White males. …”


Graphic Quotes: Scott Adams on Ancestry

“Science question of the day: My DNA includes some Neanderthal but no African. How’s that possible? Didn’t we all come from Africa?” – Scott Adams


Graphic Quotes: Scott Adams on Immigration and Education

“Open borders plus government approved education that pushes the oppressor-oppressed narrative is basically a murder-suicide pact for the country.”


Scott Adams on the Context to His “Race” Comments That Led to Massive Cultural Cancelation (Video)

Megyn Kelly is joined by Scott Adams, author of “Reframe Your Brain,” to discuss comments he made about race in February that led to his cancelation, the actual context he was getting at, the need to focus on individuality over a focus on racial “averages,” and more.

Episode 2242 Scott Adams: Free Speech No Longer An American Feature. It’s Time To Be Honest About It (Video)

Real Coffee with Scott Adams