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10 big facts a voter must ignore to support Hillary

Gina Loudon warns Americans to wake up to threat of ‘literal tyrant’ in White House.

If there is misogynistic abuse taking place in this election cycle, the abuser is Hillary Clinton.

The left enjoys backing GOP candidates and their supporters into a corner just before the election by painting the Republican candidate as something he is not. But their Hitlerian wisdom tells them “the bigger the lie, the better,” and their tactical hero, Alinsky, teaches, “If you repeat a lie enough, eventually their ‘useful idiots’ (leftist’s own words for their blind followers) will believe it.”

WikiLeaks emails are being downplayed in the media as “yet to be authenticated,” but since not one has been proven inauthentic, the emails are almost certainly genuine. Additionally, the Clinton media are trying to make the case that they believe Russian hackers are responsible for the email hacks, so the emails somehow don’t matter.

Three things:

* Even if Russian hackers did leak the emails, it doesn’t make them untrue.

* The Clinton campaign has yet to deny the emails are genuine and the contents are true.

* This doesn’t tie Trump to Russia. But Hillary’s sale of uranium to Russia and the millions she took for Bill’s five-minute speech there certainly tie her to Russian Communists.


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Criticize Muslim rapes? ‘You’re a bigot’

‘Where is the outrage? Where are the burning bras?’

New Year’s Eve was a horrifying night for scores of women in the German city of Cologne, as large crowds of Middle Eastern and North African migrant men, mostly Muslim, robbed and sexually assaulted them.

And yet, in the aftermath, there was scarcely a whimper to be heard from feminists around the world.

Dr. Gina Loudon, co-author of “What Women Really Want,” said this feminist silence is likely due to the fact that the perpetrators of the crimes were Muslims, including many recently arrived refugees.

Feminists and Muslims are part of the same leftist coalition, she noted, so feminists cannot criticize Islamic violence against women.

“They whine about a so-called ‘Republican war on women’ but neglect to mention the rapes, sexual assaults, and other crimes committed against women in what is evidently an official, organized, adherent Islamic war on Western women,” Loudon told WND.


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HUGE Crowds Come Out For Donald Trump (Video)

Will Donald Trump possibly sweep the elections? Earlier this week Dr. Gina discussed the possibility with Neil Cavuto.

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