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The Underground Revolution: Will you be invited | Katie Hopkins (Video)

A lot of people see Katie Hopkins as a deliberate provocateur, trying to slay the sacred cows of our feminised society one by one. She sort of is doing that, and yet, there is so much more to her than the pantomime villain of tablod newspapers morning television.

Here’s What’s Really Going on in Haiti (Video)

Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau have in effect been running domestic politics in Haiti for the past few years. The result is chaos and cannibalism. Pretty soon a big portion of the Haitian population will be living in Florida. Haiti’s former prime minister explains.

Ireland’s Unfinished Revolution (Video)

New Documentary

Peru’s Indigenous Revolt (VICE News, 2023) – Video

An Indigenous-led uprising in Peru, sparked by the arrest of a beloved farmer-turned-President, is exposing a racist system that’s exploited native people and their natural resources since colonization.

A revolution is coming: this is real! (Video)

The aura of revolution is spreading across the EU, led by the farmers in their battle against the humanity despising globalists.

Huge Uprising – The People of China Fight Back – Episode #136 (Video)

Massive uprisings start in China, and it’s the biggest ones we’ve ever seen. This could be the start of something big.

Create the Semblance of Revolution | From Great Reset to Communism (Video)

Christian Gomez examines Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum’s so-called “Great Reset of capitalism,” examining how it relates to the works of Karl Marx and other Marxist-Leninists. Karl Marx’s “communism” would be based on “new foundations,” abolishing private property and eliminating the remaining “class antagonisms” of capitalism. Likewise, Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset” is to be based on “new foundations,” abolishing private ownership and eliminating the existing “income inequalities” under capitalism.

Covid has laid the groundwork for revolution

This time Covid has taught our would-be masters that the generations of Americans now living are easily ordered about and stripped of their ancient rights; and authority’s meek and feeble acquiescence in the face of utterly unjustified destruction — of our cities and the monuments to our history — has taught the mob that society has lost faith in itself and accordingly that plunder and widely inflicted violent chaos carry no risk.

Peter Hitchens’s recent essay is about Britain but change a word here and there and it applies with equal prescience to America.

What we now face is regime change. [text color in original] That is why these strange crowds have begun to gather round ancient and forgotten monuments, demanding their removal and destruction. 

They do not know what they want, or understand what they are destroying. But that no longer matters. They think their moment has come, and they may well be right. 

This is why the memorial to Winston Churchill, and the Cenotaph itself, were shamefully boarded up on Thursday night – an act of appeasement if ever there truly was one. 

Covid is not and never was a health crisis remotely justifying the destructive magnitude of the measures imposed — allegedly against it.  It is and always was a seized-upon, contrived, promoted, exaggerated and prolonged wedge, utilized from the beginning by the political left for its ends, and abetted by an establishment already either dominated by those who hate our society and its history or too badly educated to love and defend either.


Complete text linked here.

The Legitimacy of Vigilantism & Rebellion – Blonde in the Belly of the Beast (Video)

When is it appropriate & legitimate to reject a state that fails to uphold their end of the social contract?

Trifecta: Either Way This Election Will Start a Revolution! (Video)

Hillary Clinton’s indicted, Donald Trump is the Republican nominee! Sounds like a parody newspaper headline, but it could be a reality this year.