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PIPELINE WARS (2024) | Lauren Southern Official Documentary

Pipeline Wars follows Lauren Southern, as she attempts to shed light on the murky world behind the protests to the construction of the CGL natural gas pipeline in Smithers, British Columbia. Lauren delves into the fight between government, industry, and environmental advocacy, that hits the lives of ordinary citizens, caught in the crossfire.

Canada: The IMPLODING Meme Nation (Video)

Black Pigeon Speaks

Canada Has JUST Fallen | Warning to America (Video)


Trudeau’s Dystopia: How the Woke Conquered Canada. (Prof. Eric Kaufmann) – Video

Prof. Eric Kaufmann of the University of Buckingham, where he teaches the world’s first course on “woke”, explains how his native Canada became the capital of woke.

Native Syndicate: Saskatchewan’s Most DOMINANT Street Gang (Video)

The Native Syndicate is a mainly aboriginal gang from Saskatchewan Canada. They operate in areas such as Regina and Canada’s notorious North Central Neighbourhood with an iron fist. This video also talks about the Indian Posse, Manitoba Warriors, Hells Angels, MOB (Most Organized Brothers), White Boy Posse, Redd Alert and more!

Warriors Off The Res: Aboriginal Gangs in Winnipeg (Video)

Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba, Canada — and for 16 of the past 33 years, it has also been the country’s murder capital. The prairie city is home to just under 800,000 people, about 10 percent of whom are Aboriginal, meaning Winnipeg boasts the largest urban Aboriginal population in Canada. Largely impoverished and facing continual discrimination, the community has given rise to violent Aboriginal street gangs. VICE News went to Winnipeg to spend time with gang members and find out why they’re linked to the majority of the city’s murders.

Tucker Carlson’s Message to Canadians (Video)

Tucker Carlson speaks in Alberta, Canada.

My Clinical License is as Good as Gone (Video)

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and his daughter @mikhaila explain the current situation with the College of Psychologists of Ontario.

“People Cannot Survive” — Lauren Southern: Foreign Investors, Migrants Creating Housing Crisis (Video)

“I know people that are educated individuals, we’re talking they’ve got their masters degrees, they’re having to live in their parents’ basements, living in trailers,” said author and filmmaker Lauren Southern referring to the housing market crisis in Canada.

Canada’s Anti-White Gallery: Inside The Government Funded “Conceptions Of White” | Lauren Southern (Video)

In her most daring journalistic move yet, Lauren Southern risked her brain catching a severe case of the stupid to investigate Canada’s taxpayer-funded, anti-white art gallery, “Conceptions of White.” While the gallery had hilarious exhibits comparing her skull shape to Hitler, and an app that told her to check her privilege, the consequences of such “art” being portrayed seriously are much more dangerous…