Time to gather your ‘Roundhouse Provisions’

Chuck Norris asks, ‘Do you have the right personal survival items?’

I’m definitely not an alarmist or fear monger, and I dislike those who are. Succumbing to fear literally robs us of life and paralyzes us from achieving our best.

At the same time, I don’t believe in sticking our heads in the sands of ignorance or denial. I believe in having a plan, a back-up plan and preparing for the future in case of emergency. That includes preparing even for events we pray will never happen, like nuclear or civil war.

The world is a very volatile place, and even life in America is escalating more and more to a frantic peak. Let me give you some bad news before some good news. Consider just these few international and national news facts and headlines:

  • The Ukrainian war is pushing us toward another Cold and World War.
  • The CIA chief says threat that Russia could use nuclear weapons is something U.S. cannot “take lightly.”
  • China seeks world dominance, and sits on the cusp itself of invading Taiwan.


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