Rick From “Pawn Stars” Rants: Government is Destroying Us

“I truly believe that if government just stepped out of the way, we’d have a trade surplus, we’d be energy independent, we would have full employment, and there’d be so much money out there that basically like it used to be in this country, there would be charitable hospitals all over this country… I’m a total libertarian.” Rick Harrison

I love the TV show Pawn Stars. I’ve watched every episode at least once. The show is on the History Channel, and is about a small business based in Las Vegas, a pawn store that sees people bring in stuff to pawn or sell. The show covers history, interesting facts, and shows the main stars haggle with other people over buying and selling. It’s an interesting mix of pure capitalism and history — it’s a great family-friendly show.

Apparently, Rick Harrison, one of the owners of the small business, is a “total libertarian” who called in to Mark Levin’s show to basically vent after being quiet for several years. He went off, compared America’s left to Lenin, and said that the Obamacare judges should all be impeached. I love it.

Interview linked here.


Complete text linked here.

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