PBS Election Special On Race Under Fire By Conservative Interview Subject

Less than two weeks after PBS and its federal funding was the hot topic of the first presidential debate, the nonprofit TV broadcasting network is coming under fire by an interview subject of its election special on race, which is due to air Tuesday just ahead of the third presidential debate.

The bad month for Big Bird’s employer continues.


The documentary’s director says accusations of bias aren’t true.

The special, “Race 2012,” is being advertised by PBS on its website as a “conversation about race and politics,” and features interviews with former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, author and legal scholar Randall Kennedy and conservative talk show host John Ziegler, among others. Topics discussed include the role of race in the election of President Barack Obama, the idea of a “post-racial society” and the notion of “white power” in America.

That last topic is the one that has upset Ziegler, who tells Whispers he was asked leading questions by the film’s director, Phillip Rodriguez, to try to elicit a response from Ziegler that he supports “white power.”


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