Occupy Wall Street chief organizer unravels, ponders calling it quits

To anarchist insiders who hate both political parties, he represents the Democratic Party’s co-opting of Occupy Wall Street. In New York last weekend, that sentiment did not waver.

During the final moments of what was meant to be a weekend of rejuvenation for the Occupy Wall Street movement, a key organizer looked to call it quits.

Aaron Black is a protester who emerged in recent months to take up the mantle of leadership within a movement that prides itself on being “leaderless.” He expressed his own frustration with Occupy Wall Street in a tone of defeat.

The movement celebrated its first anniversary Monday at Zuccotti Park, right on Wall Street’s doorstep. Black was among hundreds of protesters arrested during the weekend. Without going into details about his time in custody, he said he was not treated well.

When the Daily Caller asked Black what was next for the movement, however, he personalized his answer.

“You mean, what am I going to do next?”


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