Globalisation is the new colonisation

Witness the riots in India. Do you know what you are looking at? No one can blame you if you don’t because the truth has been hidden from you by the spin, lies and deceit of the governing classes and their media allies.

The small traders in India are protesting about a new law which allows all the major global supermarket chains like Tesco, Walmart and Carrefour to set up shop across their country and therefore put them out of business.

Fair enough you might say but what they see and you don’t (and I’m afraid to have to be brutal here) is that the Indian people recognise this action as colonisation but most of you reading this piece in the United Kingdom just don’t get it. Why should you? You have not been prepared for it.
Globalisation is the new colonisation.

The theory of Globalism is the new Socialism, only the masters this time are not impractical philosophers like Marx and Engels but the highly efficient ruling elite and their multinational companies who must take over all the world’s commerce as the means by which their New World Order will be implemented.

There will be leaders and servants with nothing in between. No middle class means no us.


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