The MSM’s unabashed censorship by Kyle Rogers

Crime reporter James Queally boldly insisted that it was his job to decide what information the public got to see and what should be censored. He also said he interviewed some of the victims, but refused to tell me what race they are. Queally, who is white, is a true believer in the dogma of political correctness. He apparently sees himself as a real-life “Ministry of Truth.”

James Queally

For a long time I have been writing about the censorship of black crime by our so-called “mainstream media.” I was way ahead of the curve, as now major media outlets are finally talking about the issue. I have nothing but praise for WND for its role in turning the tide against media censorship.

There has been a longtime unwritten rule in the media. Black crime, especially black-on-white crime, must be downplayed. This has resulted in the rampant censorship of the race of perpetrators. What is most troubling is when media outlets censor information about dangerous at-large suspects to hide the fact that the suspect is black. Political correctness has taken first priority instead of public safety.

It used to be a complicated uphill battle to explain this censorship. In 2007, this became a lot easier. The website for the Los Angeles Times issued a public statement admitting that it was the newspapers’ policy to censor the race of crime perpetrators. Not only that, but the paper admitted that this censorship was widely practiced in the media:

“Racial information was once routinely included in news stories about crimes, but in recent decades, newspapers and other media outlets stopped mentioning suspects’ or victims’ race or ethnicity because of public criticism. Newspapers came to embrace the idea that such information is irrelevant to the reporting of crimes, and may unfairly stigmatize racial groups.” (Los Angeles Times, June 6, 2007)


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