Alien Voter Registration: Hispanic Groups’ Reaction More Evidence That Profiling Works

“Even the possibility of any investigation into aliens registering and voting has sent Mexican groups into a rage, confirming the suspicions that Mexicans are engaged in widespread illegal voting.”

Mexican groups are up in arms that Texas has requested access to the Department of Homeland Security database, SAVE, Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements, to fight illegal voting by aliens.

San Antonio Express News July 19, 2012 by Nolan Hicks

Latino Groups Slam Immigration Database Effort

Two key Latino groups on Thursday slammed statewide Republican efforts to obtain a massive federal immigration database and check voter rolls for possible noncitizens.

The exchange is the latest volley in the fight over a new voter ID law and similar work by lawmakers nationwide that’s deemed discriminatory against minorities.

Secretary of State Hope Andrade on Wednesday requested access to the federal database’s more than 100 million immigration records.

Florida election officials last week received a similar list for their state, after a fight for the records.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott argues the law and cross-checking the database is needed to reduce voter fraud, while Democrats say it will do nothing more than make it harder for minorities and the elderly to vote.


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