The 2012 ”Anti-British” Olympic Tax Dodge And Favouritism Event

Thousands of unknowing sporting fans, plus people expecting something exciting and different in the guise of the supposedly ”British” Olympics, who’ll actually be attending after paying for their tickets from hard earned cash, will be surprised to see that another event has been added.

Not many know about it though, it’s called the ”Olympic Sponsors Tax Dodge And Favouritism Event”.

The focus has been on London, the former capital city of England and Great Britain for quite a while now, but the spotlight we are shining on the event, is one that many big business owners and shareholders, may wish to shy away from.

The opportunity, from the nation winning the bid to host the games of ancient times until now, could have been a stage for the best of British business, inventors, and our many thousands of indigenous unemployed.

However, the big international business lobbyists were not going to let national pride, nor contributions to our hard pressed tax payers, get in the way of those profits.
Multi-National companies, such as Coca-Cola, Adidas, and McDonald’s are set to rake in millions in a tax free extravaganza. Experts reckon that Britain could lose tens of millions of pounds in revenue.

The event itself, having cost some £9 Billion to host, is hard enough for taxpayers and people expecting to get employment from the event, but in this un-British, and Multi-Cultural ”plastic Brits” fest, the whole thing seems to have been nothing but yet another con-trick, solely to slap us real Brits in the face with, and to proffer the Globalist Multi-Racial propaganda machine.


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