Video Compilation Shows Every NASA Space Shuttle Launch (at the Same Time!)

The video showing all 135 shuttles taking off at the same time, posted on Vimeo 11 months ago, was honored as a finalist in Vimeo’s 2012 video awards. Watch (and hear) the blast offs:

Sunday marked the year anniversary since NASA launched what was to be its final space shuttle carrying astronauts to the International Space Station. In honor of this occasion, artist McLean Fahnestock put together a compilation of every shuttle launch in the history of NASA’s space program from 1981 to 2011.

“Grand Finale 2010-11? ends with Atlantis in the final frame being launched July 8, 2011. NASA commemorated the anniversary of its final launch by releasing a video highlighting the program’s efforts to establish “a new gateway to space.” NASA explains that the Kennedy Space Center is working on other types of spacecraft and rockets that could be flying up astronauts in the future.


Complete text linked here.

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