The 99% Lie

Obama is a Leninist Marxist, a Third World Socialist. His ideology comes first, last and forever. Being part black comes far down the list of Obama’s priorities, which is one reason why he does not care about black unemployment today.

The Radical Left has always claimed to stand for all “The People.” That’s why the Kim Dynasty in North Korea today has children starving from hunger, but still claims to be a “People’s Republic.” The Kim family claims every single soul in North Korea, just like the 99 percenters who claim all but one percent of American voters.

Every Radical Leftist since Marx has claimed to represent the real people. Not even the trust-fund kids on Wall Street believe the 99% Lie. But Obama has now officially adopted it — after stirring up the mobs via Axelrod’s astroturfing rabble rousing.

Obama is therefore pushing the Democrats off a cliff. Democrats running for election in moderately conservative America will have two unpalatable choices: Renounce Obama and possibly win, or agree with Obama and lose. If Obama stays the course, and he seems incapable of doing anything else, he will certainly split the Democrats for a generation to come.


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