Police raid dozens of gang suspects' homes in London

The Metropolitan Police have raided homes across the capital as part of Operation Valiant’s crackdown on gangs. Operation Trident was originally set up in 2000 to tackle gun crime in black communities across the capital and has gradually grown over the past decade.

A series of co-ordinated operations took place across London. There were 121 arrests in total.

Hundreds of Metropolitan Police officers tracked down and arrested suspected gang members believed to be involved in crimes including assault, robbery and drugs supply.

The major operation, spearheaded by the Met’s newly-formed Trident Gang Crime Command, marks what senior officers have described as a ”step change” in the way the force tackles gangs.

Scotland Yard revealed it has now committed 1,000 dedicated officers to fighting the problem, with the creation of the central Trident gang command and 19 new task forces to deal with local gang crime in problem boroughs across London.


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