Mourning in America by Armstrong Williams

In the new mourning America, we borrow money from China to give it away to those in our country who do not work. In the new America, we create government programs to fix the problems created by previous government programs.

We must prepare ourselves for another four years of excessive spending, class warfare and unremitting political correctness.

Ronald Reagan succeeded wildly running for president with the slogan “It’s morning in America.” Would anyone believe it if a candidate tried that now? The most optimistic any of us could muster in the past decade was “hope and change,” and hope, as Baruch Spinoza said, is a form of sadness; it’s what you cling to when the present is too hard to bear. Now that even hope and change have left us, what are we to do?

It’s not morning in America; it’s mourning in America. We need a sense of urgency. Things will not simply work out on their own; we must fix them before it is too late, and there is not much time left until then.

Let me officially welcome you to the new America.


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