Insurgency in America? Upcoming Report on Mexico Border Will Show Horrific Violence and Instability

Estimates are as high as 35,000 deaths have resulted from the Mexican cartel wars. Many of these deaths involved extremely brutal torture and sadistic public displays of the victims’ bodies. What this amounts to is a drug-fueled insurgency that is spilling onto U.S. soil.

You know the border is a place where drugs and illegal immigrants transit every day. But you have no idea how bad things really are.

If you watch the Glenn Beck Show on GBTV this Tuesday at 5PM, you will learn about the frightening– and immediate– threats coming across the U.S.-Mexico.

Of course, the mainstream media refuses to tell you the real story. They claim a need to shield the public from the horrific violence, and fall into politically correct narratives.

GBTV will tell you the truth about the border, including the following shocking revelations:

1) Al Qaeda-style terrorism tactics, including beheadings and extensive body mutilations, have become standard tactics for the bloodthirsty drug cartels at the U.S. border.

2) Hezbollah, the global Islamic extremist group and Iranian terror proxy, is aligned with the cartels– the only question remaining is the ultimate purpose of that alliance. There are reports that Hezbollah operatives are involved in human smuggling operations across the U.S.-Mexico border, including terror cells. Could these be sleeper cells ready for activation?

3) Forget the media narrative– the border is unsecured and wide-open. US Border agents are undermanned and being prevented from doing their jobs properly by bureaucrats and legislation that ties their hands. Sanctuary cities, and vast tracts of federal land that can’t be patrolled. And there are even threats coming across the northern border with Canada.


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