Texas Border Communities Brace for Massive Migrant Surge as Title 42 Ending Nears

Communities along the Texas border with Mexico are bracing for a massive surge of migrants that are expected to arrive after the Biden administration implements the end of Title 42 removals. Local and county officials claim they will need the federal government to step up and help as the number of migrants arriving in their cities is expected to grow exponentially.

“If people think 2021 was a crisis … when Title 42 is repealed, it will be a disaster across the whole border,” said Valverde County Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez during an interview with Breitbart Texas. Martinez is one of several border area officials who spoke on and off the record with Breitbart Texas and expressed concerns and are asking the federal government to step up and deal with the issue.

On May 23, the Biden administration is expected to end Title 42 enforcement, a policy that allowed immigration officials to expel certain groups of asylum seekers due to the spread of COVID-19. As Breitbart Texas reported, officials within the Department of Homeland Security forecasted an exponential increase in migrants reaching the border once Title 42 is removed.


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