Earth Liberation Front radical admits arson conspiracies

Pleads guilty to counts from cases in Oregon, California

On Earth Day 2022, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that a suspect affiliated with the Earth Liberation Front has admitted to arson and arson conspiracies in the states of Oregon and California.

Officials with the DOJ identified the defendant in the cases as “Pacific Northwest environmental extremist, arsonist and former fugitive” Joseph Mahmoud Dibee, 53.

He pleaded guilty for his role in two arson conspiracies targeting commercial and government-owned animal processing facilities in Oregon and California, authorities said.

Court documents charged that beginning in October 1996 and continuing through December 2005, “Dibee and at least 15 other individuals affiliated with the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front, loosely affiliated environmental extremist groups, knowingly conspired with one another to damage or destroy various commercial and government-owned properties.”


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