Voters are giving you 1 more chance, GOP by Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter reins in both Establishment, tea party Republicans.

I’m sorry to have to tell you this, America, but Andrew Cotto is done defending you to his European friends at dinner parties.

There’s no use begging. You brought this on yourself – as Cotto explains in his article, “My American exceptionalism fantasy is over: How these midterms sealed the deal.” You may not be aware, but Cotto is a novelist no one has heard of and also teaches creative writing at CUNY, so he’s very big.

More bad news from “O’Reilly is losing, and he knows it.” That’s why Republicans swept everything from U.S. senator to substitute-part-time dog catcher. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted, Bill.

Also, Gov. Scott Walker’s victory in Wisconsin, marking the third time he’s crushed the left, should frankly embarrass Republicans. Liberals didn’t care about Wisconsin, you idiots! As Ana Marie Cox explained on The Daily Beast, Walker was, I quote, “too boring to beat.”

Are you humiliated yet, Wisconsin? Just wait, there’s more. At the Walker victory party, Cox wrote, attendees “left half-empty plastic cups in neat little formations around the edges of the stage.” And get this: They went home 30 minutes after Walker spoke and “there was still beer left.”

Wait a minute. Are you telling me they didn’t get s–tfaced, pour their drinks on the floor, puke all over and break the furniture? What losers.


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