Sarah Palin Says Hillary Clinton Was To Blame For Democrats’ 2014 Losses (Video)

“Of course though the left, Sean, will buck up. And they will do all that they can to protect Hillary and try to change the narrative as you already heard I’m sure, try to make it sound like well she was the winner in all of this, that she had chosen the right ones and the right policies to support.”

Sarah Palin said on Hannity Friday that Democrats will “do all they can to protect” former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as she pursues another run at the White House in 2016.

Last week, Democrats surrendered control of the Senate, lost influence in the House of Representatives, and lost gubernatorial races in traditionally blue states–most notably Maryland and Massachusetts.

When Sean Hannity asked Sarah Palin if Clinton was as big a loser as President Obama, Palin answered in the affirmative:

“It was a whole ball of wax wasn’t it the other night? All of the Democrats’ failed policies and failed candidates and failed surrogates. Well, that was just really made manifest by the American people when we all said no to that and to stop that and Hillary of course was a part of that.”


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