As U.S. Slowly Exits Afghanistan, Communist China Steps In

It is obviously not in America’s “national interest” to squander the lives of its troops and borrow trillions from Communist China to help that ruthless autocracy make even more money and gain even more influence in Afghanistan.

Rather than “making the world safe for democracy,” Washington, D.C., seems to be doing a much better job at making the world safe for the tyrants in Beijing. With most U.S. troops supposedly on the verge of leaving the dubious new Afghan regime to stand (or crumble) largely on its own, the Communist Chinese dictatorship is stepping in to fill the void and reap the benefits — with the full support of the Obama administration. From providing authorities in Kabul with “security” assistance and foreign aid to investing in its economic development via oil and mining (photo is of Afghan marble), Beijing has big plans for Afghanistan. In other words, as occurred in Iraq, it appears that the ruthless autocracy ruling mainland China is set to emerge as among the primary beneficiaries of the costly U.S. government “regime change” made in the “graveyard of empires,” which began more than a decade ago.

In his first official visit to a foreign power, new Afghan President Ashraf Ghani went to Beijing, which continues to call for a “de-Americanized New World Order.” According to a joint statement released after the four-day summit, Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping agreed to provide 2 billion yuan (about $325 million) to Kabul through 2017. Beijing will also “train” thousands of Afghan “professionals” during the next five years, the two rulers said. In addition, Chinese regime-owned “enterprises” will continue making huge investments in the Afghan economy to help rebuild the war-torn nation and reap big profits. Communist Chinese “security” forces will also share “intelligence” and help Kabul wage its alleged war on drugs, as opium production continues to explode.


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