Maryland Republicans on Lookout for Voting Machines That ‘Flip’ Democrat

The election judges at the Chevy Chase poll told August they would take the machine out of service until it was fixed. She later learned it had been reactivated and put back into use. “I thought it was appalling that’s how they handled it,” August told The Daily Signal. “They were extremely polite, but condescending, and they told me a lie. They said it was going to be taken out.”

Kerry August can debunk any excuse an election judge may have for why her votes switched from Republican to Democrat right before her eyes: Her hands are tiny, her nails aren’t long and she definitely didn’t vote with an elbow.

Still, while voting early last week in Montgomery County, Md., August watched as three votes she cast for Republicans changed to Democrats.

It’s a situation voters across Maryland found themselves in as they voted early in midterm elections formally held today.

“There’s been a boatload of problems in Maryland in various counties,” August told The Daily Signal, adding: “They say your fingers are too big, your nails are too long, you vote with your elbow or something. There’s people complaining down there.”

Officials with the Maryland Board of Elections say reports of flipped votes — consistently from Republican to Democrat, perturbed voters say — stem from calibration issues with some machines.


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