Hagel questions U.S. role in ‘new world order’

SecDef sees leadership shifting in ‘historic, defining times’

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was quoted Wednesday stating the world is experiencing “historic, defining times” that will result in a “new world order,” while questioning America’s role in the emerging world.

Unreported by media is that Hagel has a long history of using the phrase to advocate a global rebalancing through shared values, diplomacy and participation in international organizations.

Hagel’s latest use of the “new world order” phrase came at the Aspen Institute’s Washington Ideas Forum on Wednesday.

Hagel stated, “I think we are living through one of these historic, defining times. I think we are seeing a new world order, post-World War II, post-Soviet implosion, being built.

“Many questions about, first among the American people and our leaders, what’s the role of America in this new world that is evolving. Should we have a role? What is appropriate?”

Hagel is a fan of the “new world order” term. He said during a trip to Poland last May that “a new and early 21st century world order [is] being built.”


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