Funny Or Die Brilliantly Lampoons ‘White Privilege’ (Video)

In response to a recent video circulating the web where an attractive young woman faces over 100 instances of sexual harassment while strutting around NYC for 10 hours, Funny Or Die has released a new video highlighting the absurdity of white privilege.

Under the title “10 Hours of Walking In NYC As A Man,” the video depicts an average Joe white male apathetically walking throughout Manhattan as people excitedly greet him as their best friend, offering up all kinds of special “privilege” that comes with walking while white.

Throughout his journey, random strangers of all stripes freely offer him up: a job, a Starbuck’s gift card, a Chipotle burrito, and sunscreen to “keep that skin nice and white.”

His journey ends as two random dudes approach and notice that he looks awfully tired from all that walking and offer to carry him. A few minutes later, the man no longer walks and has been crowned king of New York as several dozen people carry him while chanting “King!”


Complete text linked here.

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