‘Hate & Discrimination Site’: TruthRevolt Blocked by Utah State Agency

Utah state law enforcement agency blocks access to TruthRevolt, labels it “hate and discrimination” site.

A Utah state law enforcement agency has blocked TruthRevolt, labeling it a “Hate and Discrimination” site and banning its use by all employees.

Wednesday TruthRevolt was informed by someone with inside knowledge of a Utah state law enforcement agency that access to the website was blocked this week under the “Hate and Discrimination” proscription. Utah state law enforcement follows the rules established by the Department of Administrative Services. Though it is unclear by what means TruthRevolt was designated a hate site, the rule that appears to be relevant in the choice to block the site after being labeled as such is Rule 895-7-4 (c) under the state’s “Acceptable Uses of Information Technologies”:

(4) While using state provided IT resources, an employee may not:

(c) Distribute offensive, disparaging or harassing statements including those that might incite violence or that are based on race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability or political or religious beliefs;


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