Poll: Elite Media Fail – Only 14% Want Redskins to Change Name

After their failed efforts to steal our guns and open our borders, we now have another example of an increasingly bubbled and out-of-touch mainstream media failing to move the public-opinion needle: a new poll shows that after more than a year of dishonest propaganda and race-baiting, only 14% want the Washington Redskins to change its name.

This is down substantially from a September poll that showed 23% want a name change.

Fourteen-percent might as well be zero. A recent poll found that 19% of Americans were willing to consider the idea that space aliens were behind the disappearance of Flight 370.

The elite media’s failure (including the leftwing ESPN) is based on 3 things:

1. The common sense of the American people who understand that team names are meant to be compliments, not insults. As an example, no one has named their football team “The MSNBC Jerk-Offs.”

2. The American people understand that this obsession isn’t based on principal but rather a mainstream media that is looking for a — if you’ll pardon the expression — scalp. This is a power play, a game among insufferable elites to prove to themselves they still have power with a senseless notch in the “win” column.

3. New Media is coming on like gangbusters and able to get the truth out the elite media hide — a counter-narrative. The most important truth is that outside of a small group of American Indian race grifters, polls prove that the American Indian isn’t offended by what elite palefaces demand they be offended by. People also know that in the state of Arizona, at Red Mesa High school, 99.3% of the students are American Indian and the name of their football team is, yes, the Redskins.


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