Bachmann: Obama-clobbered youth are tea party’s future (Video)

‘Really offends them … that government isn’t even following the rules itself’

The establishment media has virtually written the obituary of the tea party, but Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., is bullish about the influence of the grass-roots movement.

“I think were going to see a brand-new generation of young conservatives,” Bachmann predicted to WND Wednesday after delivering a speech at the Heritage Foundation in Washington on how the tea party has shaken up modern political debate.

Bachmann said the media have never understood the tea party was not a political party but a reawakening of fundamental American values. Not new ideas, she said, but the same profound values as espoused in the American Revolution and a desire for limited government expressed in the sentiment, “Don’t tread on me.”

She sees young people, with their love of liberty and freedom, as well as their fierce streak of independence, as the tea party’s natural constituency.

And she thinks they’ve received an education in the importance of those values from none other than the president.


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